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Is marketing really effective?

As a small business owner, finding the time to do all the things you want, or need, to do can be tough.

Who has the time and $$$ to seek out, interview, train, monitor and pay someone to market for you?

Some business owners argue that…

  • DIY marketing saves you money in the long-run.
  • It’s not in the business budget to use freelance marketing.
  • Social Media is totally unpredictable and highly overrated because you haven’t had any success with it
  • Got burned by another marketing, social media “expert” that cost you a lot of money without producing results. 

Doing-It-Yourself has got to be cheaper and better than other options, right?!?

Let’s JUST Think About That…

If you are a business owner, you might be overlooking specific opportunities in leveraging marketing and social media – such as video, other channels related to marketing, blogging, or using SEO practices with optimized images… which could mean that your impact and content marketing is most likely suffering – by at least – 85% of it’s desired impact!

In plain English – that means – if you’re lucky –  less than 15% of your target demographic is actually retaining your output effort. 

 Imagine if…

 your marketing was effective enough to pay for itself.

 your marketing brought you customers and opportunities you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Hello, We are the Alternative

Alternative healthcare and yoga related support.

In 2005, I worked at Yoga Journal Magazine in endemic sales and implementing the YJ Directory and Print Directory. Since working at Yoga Journal Magazine, I have been involved with many types of businesses: restaurants, local store owners, raw food co-ops, farmers markets, tourism, travel and every other type of media imaginable.


I’ve been featured in two magazines: Origin and the cover of San Francisco’s ‘Common Ground‘ magazine. I have been referenced in an international yoga book, (Yoga Bitch) and I am also one of the few people who advocated for yoga teacher rights and stood out in the U.S. Yoga industry by bringing more awareness into the credentialing of yoga teachers and yoga education between the years of 2009 – 2015.


Today, I use that knowledge and expertise to work with businesses in the yoga and alternative healthcare space. My mission is to impact the community and the world in a positive way.


I have been working in marketing and web design since 2009. I am more ethically effective (and on point) than higher priced “pro’s.” It isn’t rocket science… it’s how I have been making my living since 2009.


Marketing for the alternative healthcare market.

In November 2009, I started Yoganomics. Later in 2009, I Trademarked both Yoganomics® and Indie Yoga®. Both, Indie Yoga® and Yoganomics®. As a small business owner, I started the website without knowing the “how,” the “what,” or the “why.”

Today, and thousands of hours later, I can say that Indie Yoga® is the most effective way people in the health-related fields can remain authentic in today’s world of marketing.  I am extremely creative, consistent and accurate, with first-hand knowledge of how health care and yoga businesses operate.

The goal of this new service is to offer a knowledgeable helping hand to those who are just out of time and money every month, yet feel they want more from their business and their life.

This new service is a monthly subscription that will help you save time and money while making meaningful connections with your customers. This service includes:

✓ Researched articles and inspirational posts

✓ Class schedule posts

✓ Boosted Facebook posts

Website Editing

✓ Content Creation

Only $400 a month

This is a 3 month subscription service and can be cancelled any time after the initial 3 month period.

Let's Get Started!

Here are some people who love our marketing package:

✓ Yoga Teachers ✓ Yoga Studios ✓ Massage Teachers ✓ Alternative Healthcare Practitioners ✓ Massage Therapists ✓ Reiki Professionals Retreat operators

Brian Castellani provided successful feedback, advising me on how to create my website. Pull this to you. Brian’s craft is communicating your word. Extraordinary results come through your participation. If you really want to do something you will find a way. If you don’t you will find an excuse. I’d recommend Brian for any projects that require building digital footprints, online communities, and video marketing. Thank you Brian, your presence is a total and complete gift!  Melissa J. Chaney

Notary Public & Business Operations Manager

Brian is such a nice guy and so professional. He has very laid back approach which all of my employees seemed to really like when it came to him shooting video’s. I think he shot and edited about 15 you tube video’s for my company. He is very knowledgeable with not only just shooting video’s and editing but with all aspects of Social Media. I highly recommend Brian to work on your Social Media needs as well as his videoing and editing. Patrick O'Brien

Owner, Live Fit Gym and Wellness Center

Interacting with Brian Castellani is always a pleasure! In our most recent interview, the question/answer process was informative, laid back, and easy. I appreciated his interesting questions which helped me think of “fresh” ways to give him answers. For the finished “execution” of the article, his unique vision and great design sense helped to really enhance the details! Its really exciting to see his pursuits unfold – to try and anticipate what he’ll do next. He is one of the best of independent yoga media talents today, by telling us what we want or need to know, rather than what we expect to hear! Ana Brett

Yoga Teacher

Today you can begin using this time saving, life changing service.

(Just look at all the benefits)


Daily Class Schedule Posts

30/31 Posts a month

Custom Class Schedule Graphics

Done for you, isn’t that nice?

Researched articles and inspirational posts

10 per month, aren’t you lucky?

Copyright safe images

Your posts promoted in local facebook groups

– North Florida Yoga – Florida Yoga – Central Yoga – Beaches Alternative Healthcare

Content posted on all platforms

My favorite are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (LinkedIn and Pinterest are ok too, I guess 🙂 )

Boosted posts for special events and promotions

10 days of boosted posts paid for, for you
Brian is quite likely the most significant rising star in the Yoga world. He is passionate about supporting yoga teachers in doing what they do best. Brian goes out of his way to communicate with and support the continually growing and increasingly dedicated core of independent yoga teachers, studio owners, musicians, conferences, and events that populate the national and global community of yoga devotees. He works harder than anyone I know to improve our lives and our opportunities as yoga teachers and practitioners. I celebrate Brian and offer him my gratitude for all he does. Carol Stall

Owner, Namaste' USA Yoga

Attentive and responsive, Brian is an outrageous connector of people and ideas. High recommendation! Elena Brower

Author, Sounds True

Still have questions?

Do I really need this?

Alternative Healthcare, sound healing modalities, healthy living, conscious living and yoga related modalities are vital ways that neighbors connect to their community. In todays world, in order to thrive in today’s world. The focus of marketing is to expand your reach among the people you serve, the city you live and the community you’re in. With certain adjustments and changes to your website and the wording in your Facebook posts and other social media channels, Indie Yoga® target’s your customers better than you are doing right now. We create magic through creativity, and the engagement where your marketing might be lacking right now.

Marketing tells a story and, if effective, increases brand awareness. Generic pictures don’t target conversation opportunities that’ll lead to the next step. So, if you want this, then say “YES, I need this!”

Can't I find all this online marketing online?
Marketing and analysis amplifies your voice. It brings your products or brand to life, so it can resonate with the audience. My question to you is how much is your time and effort worth to your business? You can’t afford not to present your “brand” to consumers in an engaging way. I don’t have time for marketing. What if I screw up and am blacklisted from Facebook or suspended from Twitter? I really don’t have time, nor can I afford to do marketing. This is very common when it comes to Marketing.
I'm not even sure what "Good" marketing is, how can I hire a good marketer?
Myth #1: Good marketing isn’t marketing, it’s a lifestyle choice. We all have had to learn the hard way that when you force your customers to see the value of your brand, it never works. But when you tell a consistent story, you’ve built content around a reoccurring storyline, for your direct (and new) customers.
I don't have time to market or hire someone.
Myth #2: I can’t write 1000 words – are you kidding me? I’ll lose time on ACTUAL work if I break away to figure out marketing… How can you afford not to multiply your audience by 6, to potentially 1000’s of new customers?
Marketing is stupid. I hate marketing and it doesn't work for my business...
Well, friends, Hubspot reports that 82% of marketers who blogged daily reported acquiring at least one customer via their blog, compared to 57% who were only blogging monthly. That means the fear of getting it wrong is standing in the way of getting it right. We help many people with that problem every day. Let us know when we can multiply your output with engaging graphics, targeted word phrases, with Facebook and Google campaigns to set you on the right path towards success.
I have enough business. I don't need to do marketing, everything is by word of mouth and that works really awesome for me, thanks....
First, you are marketing whether you think you should be marketing or not. What are you presenting to your customers? Is it an accurate image of your business? Do you want to be the go to guy for everything? Networking Tips: When things are bad, you’ll wish you could detract from your image and create a new story (With Marketing) When things are going great, plan as though you want to stay on top forever. (With Marketing) Always think of the end game and consistently market yourself, during both the good and bad times. Your business (and customers) will thank you.

Let me ease your workflow and engage some new customers.


Brian Castellani 


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